Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I enter Film-it video contest?  

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Because FILM-IT is about to become a leading online video contests platform in Bangladesh with global influence. With our help, your video can easily reach millions of new viewers and drive massive traffic to your social pages.

At FILM-IT, our motto is "Awe the World". We value every interesting idea from amazing creators like you. Together we can make the world a better and a happier place.

Q2. How will I benefit from entering FILM-IT video contests?  

Apart from the perks listed above, we are giving a generous prize for the winners. Every month our editors will upload outstanding videos to the Film-It Video Contest Facebook Page, and the creators whose videos would receive the maximum reactions will each receive a prize of US$100. 

Q3. How can I submit my video(s)?  

You can upload your video to YouTube, Instagram, Google Drive, or any platform where we can download your video. Then, simply go to the Online Video Contest Entry Page, fill out your name, email address, a category for the video and an interesting caption (yes, that's all!) and attach the link to your video. You may also directly upload your videos straight from your computer or phone!

You can submit as many videos as you like. Make sure you fill in the right email address and check your mailbox regularly.

Q4. When do I need to submit my video(s) for the video contests?  

Please make sure to submit your video and fill in all the required information before the last date of the month. Don’t miss the shot! Also keep in mind that the sooner you submit, the more are the chances of getting more reactions!

Q5. Do I need to pay any fee to enter the FILM-IT contest?  

No. You can enter our free online video contests and get them featured for free as well. However, any cost arising from the production or legal issues of your contents will be borne by you or your production team.

Q6. Which type of videos should I submit to win the prizes?  

A well-made interesting of the interesting videos that would capture audience interest! Bonus points if you can come up with something we’ve never seen before! Just let your creative juice and film making talent run wild.

Share with us your best piece of work. It’s as simple as that. There’s no limit on how many times you can enter and win every month. It could be an existing film which you’re particularly proud of, a re-edit of a longer form piece or something completely original which you’ve always wanted to make.  From Snapchat animations and YouTube micro-stories to Instagram memes, entertain us: make us laugh, cry, avert our eyes. Get our attention!

You can prove yourself to be a great and creative film maker in any of the following categories: Pets and animals, Nature and landscape, Travel, Abstract, Science and Technology, Sports and recreation, Time Lapse, Family, Slow motion, Food and drink, Water, Adventure, My country, Clouds, Transportation, Production, Musical, People, Industry, Poverty and Crisis

Q7. Which types of videos should NOT be submitted?  

Your video should not contain:


violence, gory and harmful content;

hate speech and bullying;

spamming, manipulation and multiple account abuse

deceptive content;

personal and confidential information

illegal activities;


Copyrighted and trademarked content.

For details, please read the FILM-IT Video Contest Rules.

Q8. Who will decide the winners?  

Our editors will go through several rounds to pick the most interesting, creative and well-made videos. We will also share your video on our social media and observe the community’s response to decide on the final winner.

Q9. How will FILM-IT use my video?  

FILM-IT may publish your video on our Film-It video contest winner page, official pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or/and YouTube channels, with proper credit to any of your social pages. We may remove it from our pages in case of undesirable public reaction.

We'll insert our campaign logo into your video. We may also trim the video to a more appealing length. NO excessive editing will be put into your video without your permission.

Q10. How will I be credited as the creator?  

We'll tag your social page on the same media platform where the post is published, if any. Otherwise, we'll write your preferred name in the post description and add links to your social pages whenever possible.

For the detailed crediting format, please refer to our usual practices for each social media platform.

Q11. How do I know if FILM-IT is going to use my video?  

We'll notify you shortly after the video has been published on any of our platforms.

In case of commercial opportunities, we'll discuss terms and profit sharing details with you individually.

Q12. Can I retain the ownership of my video?  

Yes. You'll remain as the owner of your content, while giving FILM-IT the full right to use your video.

Q13. Can I pass the ownership of my video to a third party?  

No. By entering the contest, you declare that you're the owner of the video and entitle FILM-IT to the full right to use your video.

However, you may permit a third party to share your video non-exclusively, given that the third party is aware of FILM-IT's full right to use the submitted videos for the video contests.

Q14. Can I view the videos submitted by other creators?  

You may see other competing videos on our social media pages. But for privacy reasons, we will not distribute the information of other participants.

Q15. When/ how will I know the results of the FILM-IT contest?  

We'll reach out to you through the contact information you provide us if you've won the monthly grand prize. You can also stay tuned to our Film-It Online Video Contest Winner Page and watch the winning videos every month.

Q16. If I win the FILM-IT online video contest, how will I receive the reward?  

We'll reach out to you through your contact information and send you the reward through Bank transfer/Money transfer services/bKash. FILM-IT is not liable for any financial loss caused by false information.